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How to Easily Beat the Stock Market

Forget everything you know about the stock market. Forget tips and tricks like "never sell", "just buy stock index funds", "time the market and only buy when it dips", "take on more risk", etc. Those are now a thing of the past. Most of those strategies simply don't work and will eventually fail in the long run, losing you time and money. Not good.

There's only one proven method to beat the stock market: accurate, precise and timely world-class stocks and securities forecasting. It's like having an oracle at your beck and call. Like clockwork, know what's going to happen beforehand, every single time and take the guesswork —and risk— out of wise stock market investing.

No other fintech, anywhere, can make this claim.

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Trend Prediction

At a glance, our EMA Trend Predictor quickly helps you decide whether to buy, sell or hold. It's that easy.

Price Forecasting

TSD's 4D Vectorial Hypercube-based NEBULA4 Synaptic Synthesis Engine delivers extreme performance.

Past Performance

See what our clients received just last week and confirm NEBULA6 SSE's past reliability and precision.

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PayPal subscription-based service means set and forget. Then simply purchase charts as you go.

We Help You Grow Your Wealth

But don't take our word for it: we don't do stock or fund recommendation lists or top picks. It's no secret stock brokers, financial advisors and fund managers usually have limited resources and scarce knowledge. In contrast, we're all about reducing risk and maximizing opportunity. TSD charts are clean, unbiased tools that help you decide which investment strategy is best.

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Our NEBULA4 Process

01. Market Sentiment Analysis

VEGA, the first of NEBULA4 SSE's nodes simultaneously monitors financial market-based measures (first approach), survey-based sentiment indexes (second way), textual sentiment data (third direction), internet search behavior (fourth road) and non-economic factors (fifth source), effectively processing behavioural finances and economics patterns, investor attention changes and asset pricing theory coefficients.

02. Fundamental Analysis

SIRIUS, the second SSE module, deals with underlying quantitative and qualitative analysis. Processing over 19GB of information per minute, this node calculates a stock's intrinsic value, examining renevue, earnings, expenses, future growth, assets, return on equity, liabilities and profit margins, market indexes and indicators, brand recognition and financial statements such as balance sheets, income and cash flow statements, etc.

03. Technical Analysis

The third node, POLARIS, focuses on short, intermediate and long term trends, patterns and statistics. Combining ascending, descending and symmetrical triangles, flag, pennant, head-and-shoulders, double and triple tops and bottoms, price movement and market momentum analysis, POLARIS' AI Synaptic Synthesis Engine enables it to learn and acquire very deep, state-of-the-art knowledge on a stock's historic technical performance.

04. Movement Through Time

REGULUS, the fourth and most powerful node, combines VEGA's, SIRIUS' and POLARIS' outputs into a 3D data point cube, using breakthrough neural processing to extract and reason internal autocorrelation, trend and seasonal variation structure over time. Using cutting-edge spectral and wavelet analysis, vectorial hypercube deep neural processing and 4D synaptic synthesis modeling, REGULUS is able to achieve state-of-the-art forecasting precision and predictive power previously unheard of, which is the basis for NEBULA4 SSE's spectacular performance.

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Our financial platform means business, letting you select from over 150 U.S. Public Company stocks and securities with an easy to use, no-nonsense interface that makes sure you get the latest trends and predictions on time, every time.


Armed with the most formidable financial predictive tools and data money can buy, you can now focus your attention on your investment strategy: buy, sell or hold. Treadwell Stanton DuPont helps you reach your financial goals effortlessly.

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