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We Will Get Our Technology Out To The Public

There are many "third parties" set on keeping everyone in the dark to further their own interests. We're fighting back.

Once the status quo is challenged, many third parties with (financial or other, more darker) interests in keeping things as they are will go to great lengths to see this done. No conspiracy theories here — it's just how the powers that be like things done. We believe technology should help people, not threaten them. Technology should advance knowledge, provide for friendly research, alert to possible threats and not promote hidden agendas. Our financial forecasting technology is a reality — and thanks to a kind and warm hearted person (who prefers to stay anonymous), his generous donation has helped us put this technology into the hands of the average investor and stock broker (and not just within the reach of huge banking and investing firms). We have dropped our service costs from a near $10 thousand to just $197 per month, honouring his request. We have spent many years developing this technology, and continue to so do, even though this research is VERY expensive. When we announced a major breakthrough just a few days ago (September 2019), we got hammered. Our reputation suffered and was called into question.

Our research was struck down as nonsense. Ask yourself why.

We were forced to recant a few days later. Again, ask yourself why.

Yes, why?

It's quite simple: So that "...all sectors can still sleep quietly tonight."

Help make history with us. Donate. Help get this technology out to the public. Help our research. Sure, we're going to get hammered again. Badly. But that won't stop us. That said, we value your privacy, and by default we won't list you as a contributor. However, if you want your voice heard loud and clear, we'll list you and your testimony upon request.

Treadwell Stanton DuPont will NOT reveal your personal contact info or other sensitive data to third parties, nor will we use it for spamming.

No amount is too small. The number of individual donors is just as important as the size of the donation.

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Donation: DND
There should be no excuse for hiding this technology to the people. Please push forward! My only request is that your current stock market forecasting technology be made available to people from all walks of life.Anonymous Supporter


Donation: DND
I have been a professional trader for as long as I care to remember. Thanks to your revolutionary technology, I have been able to turn my dwindling career around and offer my clients truly amazing results! I have no words to thank you! Please consider me a devoted life-long supporter of all the research you are doing!Anonymous Supporter


Donation: US$4,000.00
As CEO of a small financial company, I am very grateful for your service, for it has helped us achieve goals we thought impossible. Please do keep researching and developing this technology! We are also very interested in your SHA-256 research. Do let us know!Anonymous Supporter