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Menu options, charts, saving a portfolio, etc.

The 5 options are: US Stocks, Global Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Other OTC/PNK and All Stocks and Funds. It is just a way to organize your purchased charts (portfolio) into smaller, manageable parts. The last option will show your full portfolio, organized by type.

For example, if you purchased 4 US Stocks charts and 2 ETF charts, then the first 4 will show up, when in scope, in the US Stocks option and the last 2 will show up in the ETFs option. All 6 will also show up in the All Stocks and Funds option, organized by type.


Charts will only show up in your portfolio if they are in scope, according to the following timeline:

portfolio timeline


Yes. By ticking the Remember portfolio checkbox before clicking the Place Order button, you can save up two different portfolios (one each in the All Stocks and Funds A and All Stocks and Funds B menu options in the My Account | Acquire menu section).