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Mutual Fund Prediction Charts

Mutual Funds

The following table shows a list of Mutual Fund forecast charts currently offered by Treadwell Stanton DuPont. Prediction charts are only available with a subscription.

If you do not see a security you are interested in, please contact us or send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll make every effort to incorporate it into our NEBULA6 process. Please bear in mind that this process might take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.

Also please note we currently process securities which have been listed for at least 5 years (and which have at least 5 full years of historic data). We are working on supporting securities with only 3 years worth of data and finally just with 1 year, so please do let us know which securities you are interested in, regardless of available data.

Ticker Description Type Market Price
AASCXThrivent Mid Cap Stock AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
ACGGXAmerican Century Global Gold AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
ACLKXAmerican Century NT Emerging Markets FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
ACMHXAmerican Century Adaptive All Cap IMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
AEMMXAmerican Century Emerging Markets AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
AEQAXAscendant Deep Value Bond AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
ANZAXAllianzGI Convertible FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
BRAGXBridgeway Aggressive Investors 1Mutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
BUFIXBuffalo InternationalMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
CAPEXEaton Vance Tx-Mgd Growth 1.0Mutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
CCVIXCalamos Convertible AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
CGMRXCGM RealtyMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
CLDAXCalvert Long-Term Income AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
CNSAXInvesco Convertible Securities AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
CSRIXCohen & Steers Institutional Realty SharesMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
CSRSXCohen & Steers Realty Shares FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DEMSXDFA Emerging Markets Small Cap PortfolioMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DFCEXDFA Emerging Markets Core Equity FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DFEMXDFA Emerging Markets PortfolioMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DFEOXDFA US Core Equity 1 IMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DFESXDFA Emerging Markets Social Core PortfolioMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DFREXDFA Real Estate Securities PortfolioMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DFSIXDFA US Sustainability Core 1Mutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DFTCXDFA T.A. US Core Equity 2 IMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DFUEXDFA US Social Core Equity 2 PortfolioMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DFUSXDFA US Large Company IMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DLHAXDelaware Healthcare AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DODGXDodge & Cox StockMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DODIXDodge & Cox IncomeMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DRCVXComstock Capital Value AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DREGXDriehaus Emerging Markets Growth FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DTMEXDFA Tax-Managed US EqMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
DXSSXDirexion Mthly S&P 500 Bear 2X InvMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
EKWAXWells Fargo Precious Metals AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FACDXFidelity Advisor Health Care AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FACVXFidelity Advisor Convertible Secs AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FAMEXFAM Equity-Income InvestorMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FAMKXFidelity Advisor Emerging Markets AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FBIOXFidelity Select BiotechnologyMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FBMPXFidelity Select MultimediaMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FCNAXFidelity Advisor Consumer Discret AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FDAGXFidelity Advisor Consumer Staples AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FDLSXFidelity Select LeisureMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FEDAXFidelity Advisor Emerg Mkts Discv AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FEMKXFidelity Emerging MarketsMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FEMSXFidelity Series Emerging Markets FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FGDAXFidelity Advisor Gold AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FGSAXFederated MDT Mid Cap Growth AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FIDSXFidelity Select Financial Services PortMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FISCXFranklin Convertible Securities AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FLCEXFidelity Large Cap Core Enhanced IndexMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FRESXFidelity Real Estate Investment PortfolioMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FRINXFidelity Advisor Real Estate Income AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FSAMXStrategic Advisers Emerging Markets FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FSCPXFidelity Select Consumer Discret PortMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FSHCXFidelity Select Health Care Svcs PortMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FSMEXFidelity Select Medical Tech and DevcsMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FSPCXFidelity Select Insurance PortMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FSPHXFidelity Select Health CareMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FSREXFidelity Series Real Estate Income FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FSRPXFidelity Select RetailingMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FTBFXFidelity Total Bond FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FTUAXFidelity Advisor Telecommunications AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
FWRLXFidelity Select WirelessMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
GBEMXVictory Sophus Emerging Markets AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
GBFAXVanEck Emerging Markets AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
GEDTXGMO Emerging Domestic Opportunities IIMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
GEDYXGuideStone Funds Extended-Dur Bd InstlMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
GEMAXGoldman Sachs Emerging Markets Equity FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
GERAXGoldman Sachs Em Mkts Eq Insights AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
GQEFXGMO Quality IVMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
GTCAXGabelli Global Content & Connect AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
GTCEXGlenmede Strategic EquityMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
GVMCXGovernment Street Mid-CapMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
HACSXHarbor Convertible Securities InstlMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
HAVLXHarbor Large Cap Value InstlMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
HGHAXHartford Healthcare AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
HLEMXHarding Loevner Emerging Markets FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
HLMEXHarding Loevner Instl Emerg Mkts IMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
IEMFXT. Rowe Price Institutional Emerging Markets Equity FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
INIVXVanEck International Investors Gold AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
IWIRXGuinness Atkinson Global Inntrs InvMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
JFAMXJPMorgan Emerging Markets Equity AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
JVMAXJHancock Disciplined Value Mid Cap AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
KMKAXKinetics Market Opportunities Adv AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
LACFXLord Abbett Convertible AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
LDRAXSEI Long Duration A (SIIT)Mutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
MCFAXMiller Convertible Bond AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
MCOAXMainStay MacKay Convertible AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
MEMKXBNY Mellon Emerging Markets FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
MIDSXMidasMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
MNREXManning & Napier Real Estate SeriesMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
NEMAXNeuberger Berman Emerg Mkts Eq AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
NEWFXAmerican Funds New World AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
NMIMXColumbia Large Cap Enhanced Core InstMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
NREAXNeuberger Berman Real Estate AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
OAKMXOakmark InvestorMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
OPGSXOppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PACIXColumbia Convertible Securities AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PARMXParnassus Mid-CapMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PCONXPutnam Convertible Securities AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PECAXJPMorgan Intrepid Mid Cap AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PMFPXPrincipal MidCap S&P 400 Index R5Mutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
POGSXPin Oak EquityMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
POSKXPRIMECAP Odyssey StockMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PRCOXT. Rowe Price Capital OpportunityMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PRHSXT. Rowe Price Health SciencesMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PRISXT. Rowe Price Financial ServicesMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PRMSXT. Rowe Price Emerging Markets StockMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PRMTXT. Rowe Price Media & TelecommsMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PRRAXPrincipal Real Estate Securities AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PTCIXPIMCO Long-Term Credit InstitutionalMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
PYACXPayden Corporate BondMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
RCKSXRock Oak Core GrowthMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
RCMFXSchwartz Value FocusedMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
RYDVXRoyce Dividend Value SvcMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
RYIUXRydex Inverse Russell 2000 2x Strategy AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
RYPDXRydex Consumer Products AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
SBFCXVictory INCORE Investment Grd Convert AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
SBIFXSextant Bond IncomeMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
SEATXSEI Tax-Advantaged Income F (STET)Mutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
SEMVXHartford Schroders Emerging Mkts Eq AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
SGGDXFirst Eagle Gold AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
SHSAXBlackRock Health Sciences Opps Inv AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
SMDVXHartford Schroders US S/M-Cap Opps AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
SNAEXSchroder North American Equity InvMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
SOAIXSpirit of America Income AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
STWLXSchroder Long Duration Inv-Grd Bd InvMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
SWHFXSchwab Health CareMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
SWPPXSchwab S&P 500 IndexMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
TEMLXTIAA-CREF Emerging Markets Eq InstlMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
TEMUXConsulting Group Emerging Markets Equity FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
TGLDXTocqueville GoldMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
TIREXTIAA-CREF Real Estate Securities FundMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
TISHXDeutsche Communications AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
TMAPXTouchstone Mid Cap AMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
TRBCXT. Rowe Price Blue Chip GrowthMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
TRISXT. Rowe Price Instl US Structured RsrchMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
USERXUS Global Investors Gld & Prec MtlsMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
USIBXUSAA Intermediate-Term BondMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VBLTXVanguard Long-Term Bond Index InvestorMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VCDAXVanguard Consumer Discretionary Idx AdmMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VCSAXVanguard Consumer Staples Index AdmiralMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VCVSXVanguard Convertible Securities InvMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VFAIXVanguard Financials Index AdmiralMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VGHCXVanguard Health Care InvMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VGPMXVanguard Precious Metals and Mining InvMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VGSIXVanguard Real Estate Index InvestorMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VHCIXVanguard Health Care Index AdmiralMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VQNPXVanguard Growth & Income InvMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VSEQXVanguard Strategic Equity InvMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VTCAXVanguard Telecom Services Index AdmMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
VTCIXVanguard Tax-Managed Capital App IMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97
WMLIXWilmington Large-Cap Strategy InstlMutual FundsNASDAQUSD$17.97